Precise craftsmanship.

Are you looking for a reliable partner in the processing of technical materials, the production of construction projects incl. assembly or just need a capable team of craftsmen?

We focus on custom and serial locksmith production. We employ experienced and skilled craftsmen with experience in the field of mechanical and construction locksmithery. Because we are equipped the workshop with various technologies and machines, we can offer you a wide range of locksmith works. We process various types of metals and technical materials. We use only quality materials from proven suppliers. Do not hesitate to contact us.

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Welding and other strength joining.

We weld metals at the highest level

We provide welding work at a high level for customers from various industrial segments. We pride ourselves on the first-class quality of welding, expertise and craftsmanship of welding.

We will weld anything for you

We provide custom welding work. Our welders have many years of experience and can perfectly weld any materials, whether it is steel, aluminum or stainless steel. 

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Construction and design work.

Our experienced designers offer all design work in the field of construction of machine parts, single-purpose machines, tools, steel structures and other equipment.


Thanks to the environment and close connection with production, we offer high flexibility and a personal approach during design and implementation. In our work, we apply the long-term and rich experience of our designers. 


Our designers work in CAD system programs Catia or SolidWorks, or AutoCAD.

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Technology and experience in machining.

The experience of our employees is important to us in production technology. Therefore, we have invested in modern CNC machine tools that allow us to deliver products at a high level. We have top machines for machining metals and technical materials, bending or for shape burning. That is why we pay attention to thorough training of our employees as well as long-term cooperation partners.

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Burning and punching

For our customers within the complex production we offer CNC burning and punching.

We have an individual approach to each order and to the customer. For more information whether our production options are suitable for you.

An important technology is laser burning. It is a modern technology that uses a laser beam to burn precise parts from various metal materials (sheets, pipes, profiles)

We can offer our clients these services within our own production capacities or our partner.

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CNC Milling

CNC work and fresizing of various types of metals, technical materials or plastics are our key production focus.

In our production facilities or at our partners, we are able to provide you with a wide range of options to process your projects.

For CNC milling, we can offer you machining of 3 axis, 5 axis centers.

Thanks to our own production capacities and the capacities of our long-term partners, we can offer you a large number of production capacities for large-scale production.

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CNC Machining

CNC machining is our very main production activity. For CNC machining we use the most modern machine technologies and we also pay attention to quality within metrology and metrological equipment. Thanks to careful preparation, we are able to offer you huge production possibilities and capacities.  

Since machining is our main activity, huge multinational companies cooperate with us. What we can offer you within our production capacities or those of our and customer-audited partners. There are CNC machining centers with driven tools, more revolvér, spindle machines, long-rotation automatic machines. Within machining, we focus exclusively on large-scale serial production.

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Metrology and measuring equipment.

An important part of our philosophy and production quality is focus on metrology.

Within the quality in the production of components, product, machine parts, we use the most modern measuring equipment.

Metrological equipment

For our customers, we provide metering protocols, PPAP protocols for the delivery of the product thanks to metrological equipment such as a contourograph, 3D optical measurement and even if it is not sufficient, we have an external metrology laboratory with a contractual partner.


Material and storage

Thanks to our long-term suppliers of technical, metal and plastic materials, we can ensure the speed of supplied materials at unbeatable prices.

For our customers within the production we have secured long-term stocks of material from our suppliers.

For our customers, we produce parts, products for stock and deliver partial fulfillment according to the conditions previously negotiated, we prevent late delivery or in the case of express production or accident we deliver with stock.



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JAURISOVA 514/4, 140 00 Praha 4  - Michle

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